Games Rules
Terms and Conditions
Last updated 2016/03/01


These rules are to be read in conjunction with, and are in addition to, the General Rules for the National Lottery.


In these Rules unless the context requires otherwise:
Act means the National Lottery Act 1967 and any Regulations in respect of such.

Affiliates means MENA SPORT UGANDA LIMITED and any other that may be assigned from time to time.

Central Computer System means the computer system used to operate the Billion Lotto Games. Company means MENA SPORTS CONSULTING FZCO.

Draw or Drawing or Lotto Drawing means the process which is used to randomly select a set of Winning Numbers for a given Lotto Game.

Drawing Date(s) means the date of the BillionLotto Draw which will be posted on the website and may be updated from time to time. The drawing date will also be shown on the Ticket.

Gross Revenue means, in relation to any Lotto Game, the net receipts (i.e. sales less cancellations) from total Ticket sales for that Lotto Game.

Lotto Retailer/Agent means a person or company authorized to sell Tickets at specified location(s) or via their mobile money platforms.

BillionLotto Game means a lottery game wherein a Player selects a set of numbers from a larger predetermined set of numbers, or opts for a Quick Pick selection. A new BillionLotto Game begins after each game ends (winning numbers are Drawn) and ends at the predetermined time with the Draw of the next set of numbers. Users can purchase tickets up to 1 (one) hour prior to the upcoming draw. All tickets sold from 59 minutes 59 seconds to that draw will be valid only for the following draw.

Lottery Ticket or Ticket means a Lottery ticket/s in which a Player selects a combination of numbers, the type of game and the amount of Play, or Quick pick selection, for a predetermined Drawing date(s) by use of a Mobile Terminal in one of our point of sale, USSD or cellular telephone via mobile money, and any other distribution channel that the National Lottery will from time to time establish. In return for paying the appropriate fee, the Player receives a Ticket with the Player's selection, or Quick Pick selection. The National Lottery will conduct a Drawing(s) to determine the winning combination(s) in accordance with the rules of the specific game played. Each Ticket bearer whose valid Ticket includes a winning combination shall be entitled to a prize if the Ticket is presented within the specified time period (max. 90 days from the date of the Draw).

Mobile Network means the cellular networks in Uganda which include Airtel, MTN, Orange, UTL, Warid and any other.

BillionLotto 6/49 Game means the Lotto Game wherein a Player selects a set of 6 numbers from a set of 49 numbers. These numbers are between 1 and 49 and include both numbers 1 and 49. A player can also opt for a Quick Pick selection, whereby 6 random numbers are selected for the player. Up to 10 Quick pick tickets can be purchased in a single transaction.

The National Lottery/TNL means the Lottery as authorized by the Ugandan National Lottery Board to the Company.

Mobile Money means the system operated by Airtel, MTN, Orange, UTL and Warid providing mobile money transfers and bill payment services, through their GSM Network.

MSISDN means a number uniquely identifying a subscription in a GSM or a UMTS mobile network.

Pari-mutuel means that each Prize Pool, will be shared equally among all of the winners in each prize category.

Play means the 6 different numbers from 1 to 49 inclusive which are selected by a Player via his mobile device / or via retailer’s terminal or Quick Pick and which appear on a Ticket.

Player means a person participating in a Lotto Game. It shall be in the sole responsibility of the Player to ensure that in case he/she wins a price he/she is eligible to collect it as per the Game Terms and Conditions.

Play Session means the USSD and Mobile Money sessions utilized by The National Lottery for use by Player/s to Play the Lotto Game and pay for the Tickets on their mobile phones.

Prize Fund means 50 per cent of Gross Revenue from a Lotto Game.

Prize Pool for a prize category means the total amount allocated for distribution as prizes for that category for a Lotto Game.

Quick Pick means a Play(s) consisting of 6 different numbers which, instead of being selected by a Player, is/are selected on a random basis by The National Lottery's computer system.

SMS means short message service for phones that use GSM communication

Session Time Outs means the USSD or Mobile Money Sessions used to purchase Lotto Tickets, that may time out due to Network connectivity problems or any other Network issue that may arise from time to time. Session Time Outs may also occur if a Player takes more than 90 seconds to make their selection and complete the transaction.

Terminal means the terminal / computer and/or cellular telephone hardware and software by which a Lotto Agent / Player enters the combination selected and by which Tickets are generated and Lotto transactions are entered and processed, or where a Ticket is generated by means of the Quick Pick facility.

Ticket Owner means the person who has possession of the Ticket or the person who has the SMS Ticket confirmation linked to his MSISDN.

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the service provider's network.

Winning Numbers means the 6 numbers between 1 and 49 (inclusive) randomly selected at each Drawing and which are used to determine the winning Plays matched to the Ticket.


The objective of a Player in a Game of Lotto is to correctly select a set of Winning Numbers, or correctly match a Quick Pick selection for the Game entered. The National Lottery may, in its sole discretion, restrict or prohibit any person or persons from participation or further participation in any Lotto Game if in its view that person or persons is/are playing in a manner deemed to be interfering with other Players' reasonable access to the game or in a manner that is deemed illegal. Any Player found to have entered the Lottery through illicit means will have their Tickets disqualified and reported to the appropriate authority for prosecution.


(4.1) Cost of a Play

  1. A Player must play a minimum of 1 Lotto ticket at a total cost of UGX 1000 (One thousand Ugandan Shillings).
  2. The cost of each additional Play shall be UGX1000 (One thousand Ugandan Shillings).
  3. The cost of a Quick Pick Lotto Ticket will be the cost of a lotto ticket multiplied by the number of Lotto Draws the Player has chosen.
  4. The cost of a Lotto Ticket may have additional transactional fees added by the mobile network operator if bought through USSD.
  5. The Company is not liable for any tickets sold at a higher price than set and published in these terms and conditions.

(4.2) Making a selection for a Game

  1. On any one BillionLotto transaction, a Player may purchase a minimum of 1 Ticket and a maximum of 924 in one single transaction.
  2. Each Play is made by the Player either buying a lottery ticket from a Billion Lotto point of sale (agent) or manually entering 6 numbers via his cellular telephone via mobile money menu, USSD, or via quick pick.
  3. When playing at a retail agent location,the appropriate payment should be made directly to the agent who will then issue a ticket to the player from the National Lottery terminal and printer.
  4. When playing via USSD the completed Play Session together with the appropriate amount due should then be submitted to Mobile Money application for authorization. If payment is successful, a SMS will then be sent to the users MSISDN recording each Play.
  5. Where a Player selects Quick Pick Plays, and has successfully paid via mobile money, a Ticket will be issued which has recorded on it the requested number of Quick Pick Plays, and the numbers selected. Where they have played at a retail agent this will be shown on the issued ticket.
  6. Quick Pick number selections for any given Draw may be duplicated.
  7. During the selection process a USSD session may time out or end due to Mobile Network issues. The Company will not be liable for any incomplete Tickets due to Networks timing out. It is in the Player’s responsibility to ensure that the ticket is complete as per terms within paragraph 4.5 of these terms and conditions.

(4.3) Entry into a Game

  1. Only the Plays recorded by the Central Computer System are valid for participation in the Lotto Game.
  2. A Ticket shall be the only valid basis for claiming a prize or prizes.
  3. The National Lottery shall not in any circumstances be liable to a Player for any acts or omissions by Lotto Retailers.
  4. The National Lottery, its Retailers or Affiliates shall not be responsible for lost, theft, destruction, mutilation of Tickets.

(4.4) Cancellation of a Ticket

  1. Tickets can be cancelled or refunded only in the following circumstances:
    1. It has been issued by mistake, it cannot be read or it is incomplete
  2. If this happens the player must notify the agent within 10 minutes from the time of the ticket being issued and the agent must contact the Uganda National Lottery on the helpline number to arrange for that ticket to be cancelled
  3. Once your ticket has been cancelled you will be entitled to a refund for the cost of that Ticket and that will be the Uganda National Lottery’s only liability to you
  4. TNL accepts no responsibility for Tickets entered in Error.
  5. If TNL is fully satisfied after proper and careful enquiries that you did not ask for the ticket to be cancelled and the cancellation was wholly and directly a result of TNL or the retail agents fraud, negligence or error and that would have been a winning ticket and that can be proven without doubt then TNL only liability will be to pay an amount equal to the prize that you would have been entitled to if the cancellation did not take place.

(4.5) Player responsibility

  1. It shall be the sole responsibility of the Player to verify that the Plays recorded on the Ticket correspond with those entered or otherwise specified and that the date(s) of Draw(s) on the Ticket confirmation are as required.
  2. It is also the responsibility of the player for keeping your physical ticket safe and in good condition. Subject to conditions in rule 6 if you do not present a valid ticket when claiming a prize, the prize will not be paid.
  3. The National Lottery, its Affiliates and Lotto Retailers shall not be liable in any circumstances for any errors or omissions in respect of the information recorded on any Ticket (whether details of Plays, Lotto Game or otherwise whatsoever), or for any other defect in the Ticket confirmation such as but not exhaustive:
    1. A readable serial number or bar code not appearing on a ticket
    2. Loss theft destruction or mutilation of, or damage to any ticket
    3. Any mistakes or omissions in respect of any data recorded on any ticket or Play Card

(4.6) Sale of Tickets

  1. No person or business other than an approved Lotto Retailer, under contract for the sale of Tickets with The National Lottery may sell Tickets.
  2. Tickets may not be sold at a location outside of Uganda.
  3. Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit The National Lottery from designating certain of its employees to sell Tickets direct to the public.
  4. No Lotto Retailer may sell a Ticket at a price per Play other than that set down by The National Lottery.
  5. No Lotto Retailer may receive compensation for the sale of Tickets other than that authorized, agreed and provided by The National Lottery.
  6. No Ticket shall be purchased by, and no prize shall be paid to, any director or employee of The National Lottery. If such a person becomes the owner of a Ticket, it shall not be eligible for any prize. If any prize is awarded, such a prize shall be returnable to The National Lottery.
  7. No Ticket shall be sold to any person under the age of 18 years. Any Lotto Retailer who knowingly sells or offers to sell a Ticket or share to any person under the age of eighteen years shall be liable to prosecution.
  8. No Retailer may enter into any special agreement with a Player to sell Tickets outside of the normal methods of Play.


(5.1) Procedure for Drawings Drawings shall be conducted at times and places and pursuant to procedures determined by The National Lottery from time to time.

(5.2) Selection of Winning Numbers

  1. Drawings shall be made using electro mechanical Drawing equipment or such other equipment as The National Lottery may from time to time determine.
  2. At each Drawing there shall be randomly selected a set of Winning Numbers.
  3. The Winning Numbers will be provided to the media for dissemination to the public.
  4. In the event of any Drawing being declared invalid another Drawing will be conducted to determine the Winning Numbers.
  5. In the event that any Drawing is interrupted due to equipment failure or for any other reason, the Drawing will be completed in accordance with The National Lottery's procedures.
  6. Where there is significant interruption to the provision of a BillionLotto Game or games the National Lottery reserves the right to defer a Drawing or Drawings until the game(s) is/are restored and Players have a reasonable opportunity to enter into the game or games.

(5.3) Categories of Prizes and allocation of Prize Pools for each BillionLotto Game Drawing Prizes will be allocated within each category, from matching three numbers and four numbers on a Pari-mutuel basis. A fixed value prize is allocated by The National Lottery from matching five and six numbers tickets. In certain Lotto Game Drawings, prizes may be awarded either on a Pari-mutuel or a fixed prize basis, or both on a Pari-mutuel and fixed prize basis, as determined by the National Lottery.

  1. The total Prize Fund (50% of Gross Revenue) will be allocated to the Lotto Game Pools taking one game with another with a minimum guaranteed Jackpot of UGX 1,000,000,000.
  2. The prize categories within each Lotto Game shall be as follows:
    Jackpot: Plays which correctly match, in any order, the 6 Winning Numbers drawn;
    Match 5: Plays which correctly match, in any order, 5 of the 6 Winning Numbers drawn;
    Match 4: Plays which correctly match, in any order, 4 of the 6 Winning Numbers drawn;
    Match 3: Plays which correctly match, in any order, 3 of the 6 Winning Numbers drawn.
  3. The Prize Pool for each of the prize categories for each Lotto Drawing shall be comprised as follows:
    Jackpot: No less than 20% of the Prize Fund with a minimum guaranteed prize of UGX 1,000,000,000 together with any Jackpot(s) carried over from previous Lotto Game(s);
    Match 5: No less than 25% of Prize Fund with a minimum guaranteed prize of UGX 6,000,000;
    Match 4: No less than 20% of Prize Fund;
    Match 3: No less than 35% of Prize Fund;

(5.4) Jackpots
If in any Drawing there is no Play which correctly matches the six or the five Winning Numbers, then the Jackpot Prize Pool for six or five Winning Numbers in that Lotto Game shall be added to the Jackpot Prize Pool in the next Lotto Game.

(5.5) Reallocation of Prize Pool for prize levels below the Jackpot Drawings
If in any Drawing there is no Play which correctly matches four of the six, three of the six, Winning Numbers then the Prize Pool for the Match 4 and Match 3 Prize category shall be added to the Jackpot Prize Pool in the next Lotto Game.

(5.6) More than one correct Play in a Prize Category

  1. If in any Lotto Game there is more than one winning Play in any prize category, the Prize Pool for that category shall be shared equally amongst the winning Plays in the category.
  2. On a sharing of the prize allocation for any prize category the amounts attributed to each winning Play shall be rounded correct to the nearest one Shilling (UGX1).

(5.7) Results

  1. The results of each Drawing will be issued to the national media and may also be published in such other manner as The National Lottery may from time to time determine.
  2. The information displayed and disseminated will be:
    1. The Game;
    2. The Winning Numbers;
    3. The amount payable to each correct Play in each prize category;
    4. Such other information as The National Lottery may from time to time determine;

(5.8) Determination of Prize Claims

  1. In all cases, the determination of prize entitlement shall be subject to the Ticket validation requirements set out in Rule 10 of these Rules.
  2. The surrender of a Ticket to The National Lottery or to a Lotto Retailer and the receipt by the bearer of the Ticket of any prize money payable in respect of the Ticket shall be a good discharge to The National Lottery notwithstanding any notice.The National Lottery may have of the alleged rights, title, interest or claim of any other person or persons to the prize money.
  3. Neither The National Lottery nor any Lotto Retailer shall be responsible or liable as a result of the payment of a prize to the bearer of any lost, fraudulent or stolen Ticket whether or not advice of the loss or theft has been reported or notified to The National Lottery prior to payment of the prize.


6.1 Payment of Prizes
Prizes in all prize categories below the Jackpot prize may be available for payment on the day following the Drawing. In the case of a winning ticket being bought via mobile money, prize payments will be made into the Players same mobile money account as where the Ticket was purchased. If a ticket was purchased at a retail agent prizes including and up to UGX 200,000 can be claimed and paid out at any retail agent outlet authorized to sell BillionLotto.
The Company is not liable for any delayed payments resulting for circumstances beyond its control or whilst investigating the validity of prizes claim.

6.2 Ticket Validation Requirements
In addition to any other requirements specified in these Rules, the following requirements shall apply before a Ticket shall be regarded as a valid prize winning Ticket.

  1. The Ticket must have been issued on behalf of The National Lottery by a Lotto Retailer through the Central Computer System.
  2. When the Ticket was purchased via USSD or text the ticket will be linked to the Players MSISDN.
  3. The information recorded on the Ticket must correspond with the Central Computer System records. Only the Plays recorded by the Central Computer System will participate in the BilllionLotto Game.
  4. The Ticket must not be counterfeit or fraudulent.
  5. The Ticket must not appear on the Central Computer System computer record of cancelled Tickets. The National Lottery accepts no responsibility for Tickets cancelled in error.
  6. All information appearing on the Ticket must appear in the Central Computer System's computer record of winning Tickets.
  7. The Ticket must pass all additional confidential validation tests and security criteria established by The National Lottery.
  8. The National Lottery shall not in any circumstances be liable to a Player for any acts or omissions by Lotto Retailers.

6.3 Consequences of a Ticket being invalid

  1. In the event that a Ticket fails to pass any of the criteria set out in Rule 10(2) of these Rules, that Ticket shall be deemed void for any prize.
  2. The National Lottery may solely at its option, replace an invalid Ticket with a Ticket of equivalent sales price for any subsequent Game.
  3. Liability, if any, of The National Lottery is limited to replacement or refund.


7.1 Time Limit on Claims
All prizes must be claimed within 90 days from the date of the Drawing at which the Winning Numbers were drawn. Any prize not claimed within the 90 days’ period in the manner specified in these Rules shall be forfeited and the unclaimed prize money shall be allocated to future Lottery Games. In the case of prizes claimed on Tickets the time limit will expire 90 days after the last Draw date for which the Tickets are eligible.

7.2 Proof of identity

  1. The National Lottery for its purposes will recognize only one person as the owner of a Ticket.
  2. The National Lottery and/or any prize paying Lotto Retailer may, in its sole discretion, require proof to its satisfaction of the identity of the bearer of any Ticket, presented for payment or the identity of any person to whom it is intended to pay a prize under Rule 10 of these Rules.
  3. The National Lottery reserves the right to withhold payment of a prize until it is entirely satisfied as to the validity of any Ticket and the claimant's bona fides.
  4. No right of any person to a prize won shall be assignable, except that payment of any prize won may be paid to the estate of a deceased prize winner, and except that any person pursuant to an appropriate court order may be paid according to said court order. The National Lottery shall be discharged of all liability upon payment of a prize pursuant to this rule.
  5. In the event that there is an inconsistency in the information submitted on the claim form and/or on the winning Ticket, or otherwise in respect of the claim or Ticket, The National Lottery may make an investigation and withhold all winnings which may be due to the Ticket owner until such time as the claimant satisfies The National Lottery that he/she is the proper person to whom the prize should be paid.
  6. The National Lottery reserves the right to publish the names and faces of all winners in national media.

7.3 Jackpot and Match 5 number prize payment
Jackpot prizes are payable by cheque or electronic funds transfer only.

7.4 Criminal Prosecution
Any person who forges, alters, attempts to alter, or presents a forged or altered Ticket with a view to obtaining a prize, or any other person who purchases a Ticket and is not entitled to do so, is liable to criminal prosecution.


  1. The National Lottery's decisions and judgements in respect to the determination of a winning Ticket or of any other dispute arising from the payment or awarding of prizes shall be final and binding upon all Players and any other person or persons concerned for any reason with these matters unless otherwise provided by law and these Rules. In the event that a dispute arises relative to the winning Ticket, a claim form, the payment, or the awarding of any prize, The National Lottery may withhold payment of the prize winnings until a decision has been reached.
  2. In the event that a dispute between The National Lottery and the Ticket bearer occurs as to whether the Ticket is a winning Ticket, and if the Ticket prize is not paid, The National Lottery may, solely at its option, replace the disputed Ticket with a Ticket of equivalent sales price from any current National Lottery game. This shall be the sole and exclusive remedy of the bearer of the Ticket (except as otherwise may be provided by Law, Rules, or Regulations).
  3. The National Lottery may amend, modify, or otherwise change these Rules and upon full compliance with the law, said amendments, modifications or changes shall become as effective and applicable as if part of the original Rules.
  4. In purchasing a Ticket, the Player agrees to comply with, and abide by, the law of the Republic Uganda, the General Rules for The National Lottery, these Game Rules and all procedures and instructions established by The National Lottery for the conduct of the game.
  5. The National Lottery or any authorized Lotto Retailer may refuse to sell Tickets to any person without giving reasons.


Neither The National Lottery nor any Lotto Retailer shall in any circumstances be liable for any loss, direct or consequential incurred by any Player, any bearer of a Ticket or any other person arising from the participation by any person in any Lotto Game. In particular, but without prejudice to the generality of this rule, neither The National Lottery nor any Lotto Retailer shall be liable to any person:

  1. for the failure of, or damage or destruction to The National Lottery Central Computer System and/or records, or
  2. for delays, losses, errors or omissions in or made by the GSM network or other delivery service or by the banking system or mobile money system, or
  3. for any other action or event which prevents or hinders the issue of a valid Ticket.


All decisions of The National Lottery concerning any Lotto Game, including decisions as to the validity of Tickets, the identity of the bearer of any Ticket, the determination of prize winners, the amount and category of prize money, the interpretation, application, meaning and effect of these Rules and The National Lottery's procedures shall be final and binding on all Players, and any other person or persons concerned for any reason with these matters.

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